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Hotel Indigo St. Louis - The Momentum Connection in the Financial District

Erastus Wells - The Father of Transportation - set the building at the corner of Olive & Broadway in MOTION! Wells formed the cities 1st street railway company, which ran horse-drawn railcars down Olive & Market streets (financial district) and paved the way for him and others to promote innovative means of "gettin' around"!!! His concept inspired others, like the St. Louis Car Company (makers of the famous San Francisco Trolleys) to plant their roots in this same building - this all laid the groundwork for the iconic cable, bus & rail system that transformed the "Brick City". Although it was the streetcars that brought the neighborhood together, it was the Eads Bridge that brought the rest of the World into the neighborhood.
Like Wells, James Eads took a giant risk growing the means of transportation - he was an inspired self-taught engineer who made a ferry from salvaging boats & cargo out of the Mississippi - when the ferry just wasn't enough, he created the Eads Bridge, which many said would be impassable and the complexity of it would be too severe to last any amount of time. Just to make a point, Eads kicked off the opening day of the bridge with a huge celebration, including a citywide parade - proving the strength of his daring route, an elephant was the Grand Marshall!
Today at the foot of the Eads Bridge and in the shadows of The Arch is Hotel Indigo, the Neighborhood Hotel that stands for something More! This is a neighborhood, where not only ideas are Believed in, but brought to Life!
This boutique hotel has 88 guestrooms and 2084 sq. ft. meeting space with ALL the bells & WHISTLES!
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