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14 - Feb
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Where:Utah Station, 1956 Utah Street, Saint Louis, Missouri, United States, 63118

You have no idea how excited we are at Utah to transform our space into an all Vegan White Castle for your Valentines Day! We have put a ton of planning and prep into making this happen so we hope you have fun with this first time (ever?) event!!!! We thank everyone who decides to purchase tickets for this event and we promise to make it a memorable experience for you!!!

Info for the event:

SET MENU: (All of the below included)

5 sliders with or without cheez

5 chickn' rings with ranch and bbq sauce

Krinkle cut fries with or without cheez sauce

Special dessert provided by Sams Vegan Kitchen

One complimentary beer, soda, or tea

Free water and open cash/credit bar


You can buy the two-top seats for you and your date/friend for 50$. You will have your own table to enjoy each other's company more privately.


You can buy the communal single ticket for 25$ where you will be seated among other diners and your friends.


-Each seating time will end at 45 minutes after the start time so we can accommodate and clean the tables for the next time slot. So PLEASE show up on time so you can relax and we can feed you!!!

-You can purchase a ticket and use for takeout if you don't have time to hang out with us. Alcohol won't be able to leave the building but any other drink can.

-We will be serving you so come on in and take a seat and relax while we take care of you!!!

-Children are allowed but ticket prices are still the same. If they can't eat all the food you can finish for them:)

-If you really want to be romantic and want Chef Chris to marry you and your date on the spot, he is an ordained minister and can make your dreams come true!!! Feel free to bring your marriage license and he can fill it out and send it off for you!!! 100% serious and legal(He has performed quite a few marriages in his day)


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